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Latest Post: Hopac: Getting Started with Jobs

Concurrency is a pretty hot topic these days. Processor speeds have generally plateaued over the last decade, and multiple cores are now the default. Writing software to take advantage of these cores requires a different approach than the single-threaded default. Hopac is a unique library that offers lightweight threading along with a host of other valuable concurrency constructs, all of which make it easier to write highly-concurrent software.

namespace Hopac
val run : Job<'x> -> 'x

Full name:
type Job<'T> =

Full name: Hopac.Job<_>
val unit : unit -> Job<unit>

Full name: Hopac.Job.unit

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Marcus Griep is a software engineer for Cimpress. Marcus is a frequent contributor to the open source community who has taken a recent interest in F# in specific and functional programming in general. Besides working with software, Marcus officiates American football and is a contributor to the Football Zebras site. When not working with code or on the field, Marcus tries to make time for photography and board games with his family.

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